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The records are divided into 10 sub-databases: Education; Humanities; Language and literature; Art, music, theatre, film; Science; Rural economy and environment; Medicine; Sports, tourism, leisure time; Technology, industry, IT; Social sciences. You can search over the entire database ISE or one selected sub-database. Part of the articles may belong to several sub-databases. You can find all full texts by selecting the sub-database ISE full texts. In addition to ISE sub-databases, the list also contains other thematic databases compiled in libraries.

If you wish to choose several sub-databases simultanenously, use Advanced Search.

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  • education, pedagogy, history of education
  • general education, higher education
  • vocational education, secondary vocational education
  • special education
  • preschool education; domestic education
  • hobby education
  • free adult education
  • retraining, further training
  • children and youth organisations
  • fundamentals of science
  • culture, ethnology, folklore studies
  • philosophy, logic, morality, ethics
  • history, Estonian history, general history, archaeology, heritage protection, local history, archival science
  • psychology
  • religion, theology, religions
  • museology
  • librarianship, book studies, information work, bibliographies
  • journalism
    Language and literature
  • linguistics, general linguistics, linguistic subdisciplines
  • anguages, Estonian language
  • literary science, literary criticism, history of literature
  • fiction, children's literature: Estonian and foreign literature
    Art, music, theatre, film
  • art, aesthetics
  • urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture
  • visual arts, applied art, performance art, interactive art
  • fashion, design, interior design
  • folk art, handicraft
  • photographic art, photography
  • art trading, art events and art exhibitions, art awards
  • music, music performances, music events, music collectives (ensembles, choirs, orchestras, etc.), music awards
  • folk music, musical instruments
  • music business, music industry, recording companies
  • theatre, television theatre, amateur theatres, productions, theatrical events, theatre awards
  • dance, dance performances, dance festivals, dance awards
  • cinematography, amateur films, film events, film awards
  • nature, nature protection, natural disasters
  • environmental sciences, environment protection
  • plants, birds, animals
  • mathematics, astronomy, geodesy, physics, chemistry, mineralogy, crystallography
  • geology, climatology, climatic phenomena, paleontology
  • biology, botany, zoology
  • geography, travelogues
    Rural economy and environment
  • forestry, hunting, fishery
  • agriculture, agricultural management
  • agricultural engineering, plant growing, plant production, horticulture, apiculture
  • veterinary medicine, animal breeding, meat industry, dairy industry
  • pet animals
  • environmental sciences, environmental protection
  • environmental engineering, waste handling
  • gene technology, biotechnology
  • anatomy, physiology
  • hygiene, health care
  • first aid, rescue service
  • pharmacology, pharmacy and toxicology
  • theraphy, folk medicine
  • pathology, clinical medicine
    Sports, tourism, leisure time
  • sports, sports history, sports medicine
  • leisure time, entertainment, games, folk parties
  • hobbies, collecting, handicraft hobbies
  • tourism, travelling, hiking
  • daily life, domestic economics, cleaning industry
  • lifestyles, social life, family relations
  • beauty industry, cosmetic products
    Technology, industry, IT
  • technology, history of technology, engineering sciences
  • materials science, general energetics
  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical industry, electrical technology
  • mining engineering
  • building, building constructions, bridge construction
  • road construction, hydrotechnics
  • transport, vehicles
  • precision mechanics, automatics, technical cybernetics
  • environmental engineering, waste handling
  • telecommunication, radio, television
  • industry, industrial history
  • chemical industry, food industry, light industry, printing industry and various other industries
  • computer science, informatics, IT equipment
  • standardisation, standards, metrology
  • biotechnology, gene technology
    Social sciences
  • matters pertaining to Estonian constitutional institutions and public institutions
  • Estonian legal system and legal problems, law
  • positions, predictions, expert opinions and proposals of interest groups regading laws and drafts of law
  • Estonian politics, politics of other countries, political science
  • economy, incl. finance, banking, etc.
  • enterprise, business, management
  • industry, trade, communications and transport management
  • military matters
  • demography
  • social welfare, social work