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Participating Libraries

Participating libraries and their abbreviations used in the database.

NB! With specific questions related to any particular library please contact the library whose service you use.

Baltic Defence College 717 6030
Archival Library of the Estonian Literary 737 7710
Estonian Academy of Arts 626 7334
The Art Museum of Estonia 602 6037
Estonian University of Life Sciences 731 3062
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre 667 5751
Estonian National Museum 736 3020
National Library of 630 7100
Libraries of Estonian Defence 717 1186
Estonian Academy of Security Sciences 612 6809
Tallinn Central 683 0917
Academic Library of Tallinn UniversityAL 665 9431
Tallinn University of Technology 620 3553
Tartu Public LibraryTartu 736 1382
University of Tartu 737 5702