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Eesti trükise punane raamat (Red Book of Estonian Publications)

"Eesti trükise punane raamat" ("Red Book of Estonian Publications") is a list of national publications which are significant in terms of the Estonian cultural memory.
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To find publications entered in the "Eesti trükise punane raamat" "Red Book of Estonian Publications", you have search by TITLE:
"Eesti trükise punane raamat" I, 1535-1850 (The Red Book of Estonian Publications) or Eesti trükise punane raamat" II, 1851-1917 (The Red Book of Estonian Publications).

The online catalogue shows the availability of items entered in the "Eesti trükise punane raamat" (Red Book of Estonian Publications) both in the member libraries of the online catalogue ESTER as well as in other Estonian and foreign libraries and archives.

The call numbers and more detailed descriptions of copies in the ESTER member libraries can be found in item information. In case of other collections, the call numbers are indicated in the bibliographical record.
The data is displayed as follows:
PR (Red Book) - name of the library [No of copies] <call number of a library not member of ESTER>
PR - Tallinna Ülikooli Akadeemiline Raamatukogu [2]
PR - Tartu Ülikooli Raamatukogu [4]
PR - Eesti Ajaloomuuseum [2] <R-950/1> <2223>
PR - Vallo Rauna erakogu [1] <85>
PR - Venemaa Rahvusraamatukogu [1] <Est. 3-5279>

Publications belonging to one particular collection and entered in the "Eesti trükise punane raamat" (Red Book of Estonian Publications) can be found with KEYWORD SEARCH:
pr tartu ülikooli raamatukogu
pr vallo rauna erakogu
pr venemaa rahvusraamatukogu

All digitized books from the "Eesti trükise punane raamat" can be found in the online catalogue ESTER under ONLINE RESOURCES.

Eesti trükise punane raamat
Eesti trükise punane raamat