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Export of Records

You can export selected records from the databse by sending them to your email address, saving them as a file or printing.

  • to select records for exporting mark these records on search result page and click on Save Marked Records; to save all records on the page, click on Save All On Page
  • click on the link Book Cart (you can make changes in the list of records if necessary
  • for exporting select the format:
    - Brief Record
    - Full Record
    - MARC
  • select the function:
    - Print
    - Save as (on the next page it is possible to select Plain text or RTF-file)
    - Send (specify also your e-mail address and subject of your e-mail)
  • click Submit
  • Preview of your export will displayed
  • to start exporting click on Print, Save as or Send (which one is displayed depends on the function you selected on previous page, if you want to change the function click on Return to Database).