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Parts of the Online Catalogue

Online Resources

By choosing the catalogue part ONLINE RESOURCES, you can set the search to involve only records with online access.

The link may direct to:

  • full text
  • image or sound file
  • publicly accessible source
  • material with restricted access (e.g TÄISTEKST kättesaadav RR arvutivõrgus = FULL TEXT available in NLE computer network)
  • digital collection, database or portal
  • website
  • etc

On the search results page the icon WWW helps to distinguish between online resources and other materials.

NB! The catalogue also contains records which have links to the preprint files of the publications. These preprint files are being archived in DIGAR, the digital repository of the National Library of Estonia, according to the Legal Deposit Act (taken effect on 1st January, 2017). Such records are not considered to be part of the Online Resources of this catalogue.
Consult the library how to use online resources with restricted access.


When searching ebooks, select the ONLINE RESOURCES in the catalogue and enter the subject term e-raamatud (ebooks).

  • Although a few eBooks may be accessed freely anytime and anywhere a quite large amount of digital content may have access restrictions whether in the premises of a particular library or libraries. If that occurs, ask your library for more information.
  • The usage of ebooks often requires special devices and/or software for reading or visual display.
  • eBooks can be borrowed on portable devices (ebook reader) or their contents is loaded into the user's device for a certain period.
Online Resources
Online Resources