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Search in Online Catalogue

Extended Search

EXTENDED SEARCH page opens on the online catalogue ESTER front page.

Extended search enables to search in maximum three fields. Search fields can be linked with operators AND, OR, AND NOT, NEAR.

Search can be modified by the following criteria:

  • Language (Estonian, Rusian, English, German; other languages in alphabetical order)
  • type of item (book, standard, manuscript, etc.)
  • location of the copy (desired library, branch)
  • publication data (place of publication, publisher, year)

When searching videorecordings, sound recordings and online resources, you can also choose the appropriate data carrier (e.g CD, CD-ROM).

You can modify the search by a range of publishing years.

For multiple selections and for modifying use the <Ctrl> <mouse click>.


a) How to find from Tartu libraries the city plans of Tartu dating from 1930-1940

Extended Search

b) How to find e-books published by the Oxford University Press in 2006

Extended Search

c) How to find newspapers published in Pärnumaa which are also available online

Extended Search