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Search in Online Catalogue

Search in Russian

Publications in Russian and others in the cyrillic alphabet can be searched by Slavonic letters by Author, Title and Keyword. Subject terms are in Estonian.

To use the cyrillic alphabet:

  • Click on the icon keyboard which opens the virtual Russian-language keyboard. Select Russian language (Русский) and enter search term(s).

When searching by the Author, please note that in the case of personal names, the online catalogue will be converted to one Estonian name form.

Example: Пушкин, Александр Сергеевич is not used in this library's catalog. Puškin, Aleksandr, 1799-1837 is used instead. Try a search for Puškin, Aleksandr, 1799-1837. You can find the Russian names at the end of the list.

For a large number of results, use the language limit. To do this, click Modify Search in the search results window and select “Russian” from the language selection.