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Article Types

ARTICLEincluding statements, forewords, editorials, commentaries, advices, appeals, travel accounts
REVIEWincluding advertisings
DOCUMENTincluding development plans, reports, declarations, regulations, directions, programs, statutes, action plans, legal acts, curriculums
BIOGRAPHYincluding memoirs
SPEECHincluding sermons
INTERVIEWincluding polls, discussions groups
POETRYincluding ballads, fragments of texts, poems
LISTincluding bibliographies, ranking lists, lists of quotations, chronologies, lists, registers
PLAYincluding libretti, scenarios
PICTUREincluding photos, maps
PROSEincluding aphorisms, feuilletons, humorous sketches, fragments of texts, dialect texts, novels
FOLKLOREincluding anecdotes, literary fairy tales, parables