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ARCHIVAL COPYThe item is in archival collection and cannot be used.
AVAILABLEThe item is available in the library and can be checked out.
CLAIMS RETURNEDUser claims the item has been returned, the claim is being checked. The item cannot be used.
DIGITIZEDThe item is digitized. Please check the URL of the digital copy.
DUE it has passed, the item has not been returned by due date.
FOR INSTITUTE STUDENTThe item can be used by students of a certain institute/department.
FOR USE IN LIBRARYThe item can be used only on-site in the library.
IN BINDINGThe item is in binding/repair and cannot be used.
IN DIGITIZINGThe item is being digitized and cannot be used.
IN PROCESSINGThe processing and describing of the item in e-catalogue is still in progress. The item cannot be used.
IN READ. ROOMThe item is located or in use in 2rd floor reading room.
IN READ. ROOMThe item is located or in use in 3rd floor reading room. It can be checked out (TCL).
IN REPAIRThe item is in repair and cannot be used.
IN RESERVE COLLECTIONThe item is in reserve collection. It can be checked out and used on-site. To order, contact librarian.
IN TRANSITThe item is in transit to home library and cannot be used.
IN USE BY LIBRARYThe item is being used by the library and it is not available.
LOST AND PAIDThe item is lost. It cannot be used.
MISSINGThe item is lost. It cannot be used.
NOT ARRIVEDThe item has not yet arrived at designated location. It cannot be used.
ON EXHIBITIONThe item is displayed at exhibition and cannot be used (except TCL).
ON HOLDSHELFThe item is on holdshelf in the user's name. User has been notified.
ON NEW BOOKS STANDThe item is on the exhibition of new acquisitions. It cannot be checked out but can be used on-site (except TTK/UASL).
ON SEARCHThe item has been misplaced and is being searched. It cannot be used.
REFERENCE LIBRARYThe item is in the library. To order, contact librarian.
RESERVEDThe item is reserved and cannot be used.
UNDEFINEDThe status of the item is undefined. Contact librarian for further information.

See also options for placing hold on item(s)