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Search Results, Record Data

Options on Search Result Page

Keyword search:
Modify Searchenables to modify your search
Search Historyenables to see the previous searches performed during the same search session and to return to them
Save Marked Recordscompiles a list of all marked records in order to view, export or request them. See Export of records
Save All Records On Pagecompiles a list of all records on this page in order to view or export them. See Export of records
Save to Listto save the records to the list, it is necessary to log in to My ESTER
RequestSee Request
WWWopens materials with online access (Word "Online Resources" in search results page). See ONLINE RESOURCES
Save Searchenables to repeat saved searches later in My ESTER and subscribe for e-mail notices about new acquisitions in the catalogue. See Preferred Searches

When searching by the Author, Title, etc the button Modify Search enables to limit your search by words on the Title, Author or Search Term field, by the publication year, language, type of publication (e.g book, newspaper, sheet music), location or publisher. The results can be sorted by the publication year.

Options on Search Result Page