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Interlibrary loan (ILL)

Via ILL you can request items for temporary use and copies that are not subject to return.

Via ILL you generally cannot borrow:

  • sound and video recordings
  • cartographic materials
  • manuscripts and published materials with the status of manuscripts (incl diploma, BA and MA theses)
  • periodicals
  • deposit copies and items from archival collection
  • large-sized books
  • reference books.

By submitting the request, the user undertakes an obligation to cover costs related to the request!

Submit a request and ask your library for more details!

Academic Library of Tallinn University
Archival Library of Estonian Literary Museum
Estonian Academy of Arts Library
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Library
Estonian Academy of Security Sciences Library
Estonian National Museum Library
Libraries of Estonian Defence Forces
Library of the Estonian University of Life Science
National Library of Estonia
Tallinn University of Applied Sciences Library
Tallinn University of Technology Library
Tartu Public Library
University of Tartu Library