Registering as Reader

Some libraries enable self-registration via the web.
To use this option, choose the desired library and click Register as reader / Register as user.

Self-registration is offered by the following libraries:

  • Archival Library of Estonian Literary Museum
  • Art Museum of Estonia Library
  • Eesti Pank. Library
  • Estonian Academy of Arts Library
  • Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Library
  • Estonian National Museum Library
  • Estonian University of Life Sciences Library
  • Library of Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
  • Library of Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces
    - 1st Infantry Brigade (Paldiski) Library
    - 1st Infantry Brigade (Tapa) Library
    - Estonian War Museum Library
    - Headquarters Support and Signal Battalion Library
    - Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion Library
    - Naval Base Library
    - Support Command of the EDF / Logistics School
    - The Estonian National Defence College Library
    - Viru Infantry Battalion Library
  • National Archives of Estonia. Library
  • National Library of Estonia
  • Tallinn Central Library
  • Tallinn City Archive Library
  • Tallinn Health Care College Library
  • Tallinn Zoo Library
  • Tallinn University Academic Library
  • Tallinn University of Technology Library
  • Tartu Public Library
  • University of Tartu Library

NB! You can register to become reader also on site in the libraries.
More information on registration is available on the website of each library.