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The database of Estonian articles, Index Scriptorium Estoniae (ISE) contains articles from:

  • Estonian newspapers at 1900-2013,
  • Estonian journals, serial publications and anthologies at 1990-2016.

Starting from 1.01.2017 the database is updated selectively.

Database is the result of cooperation between major libraries in the ELNET Consortium. Database allowing the full-text to be accessed in free digital archives and Web publications.

One should take into consideration that some Russian-language articles until 2009 were transliterated, after 2009 ones appear in Cyrillic.

The official name of the database is "Eesti artiklite andmebaas Index Scriptorum Estoniae" and its official abbreviation is ISE. The official name in English is "Database of Estonian Articles Index Scriptorum Estoniae".

The database can be used free of charge, in Estonian or English. To provide access to the database over the internet, the official address ( together with the official name or logo should be used.

The database ISE is managed by the Estonian Library Network Consortium (ELNET Consortium).

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