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Supported Browsers

To use all functions of the database ISE, please follow the recommendations below:


We advise to use the latest, most commonly used web browsers. The use of older browsers may limit the functionality of the the database ISE.


JavaScript is required for using the the database ISE. Thus we advise to enable JavaScript in this browser.

If JavaScript is disabled, the corresponding notice is displayed:
"JavaScript is required for using the the database ISE. This browser does not support JavaScript or it has been turned off."


The website of the database uses cookies (also called HTTP cookie, web cookie, browser cookie), that are stored in your computer and enable to analyse your use of the website and link your enquiries with particular sessions. That makes the use of the website easier and more convenient. If the computer communicating with the system does not accept cookies, the system denies some functions (e.g remembering the design or language choice). At the end of the session, at the latest when closing the browser, cookies are deleted.

Cookies cannot be used for accessing your computer or collecting information about you. Unauthorised persons have no access to the data stored in cookies. Cookies are never used to collect identifiable information about you.