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Latest Updates

28 August 2019

From 28 August 2019 the database of Estonian articles ISE is at a new address -

It has a refreshed interface and enriched functionality, enabling to search the entire database and more specific sub-databases.

Links saved from the previous address will be redirected to the new address.

More about the article database ISE can be read here can be read here.

We use a new software

From 28 August the database of Estonian articles ISE is maintained with a new software - the integrated library system Sierra. The same software is also used to maintain the online catalogue ESTER.

The article database ISE can be conveniently used on smartphones

The database ISE can be conveniently used on smartphones. The site works in most common web browsers on Android and iOS.
Please send your comments at

More printing options

By clicking prindi in the record display you can now choose if you wish to print the full record or brief record. Read more...

Export of Records

Export enjoys new functions. You can select the format of the record and export selected records from the database by sending them to your email address, saving them as a file or printing. Read more...


By clicking www in the search results display you can see the list of full-text and other links from the record.

NB! Some articles may have limited access. Once the article is freely available on the web, you can read it right away.

Report a probleem

By clicking on the link Report a Problem in the record display you can quickly and conveniently report problems in the record's details (factual error, misspelling, etc). Enter the details of the item (author, title) and the description of the problem as accurately as possible.

Please add your own contact information for feedback.