Statutes of E-Varamu Portal

Approved at general meeting on 17 February 2016

I General provisions

1. The E-varamu Portal and the information system that ensures its operation (hereinafter portal) constitute a web environment which provides access to information on the availability of information resources of Estonian universities, memory institutions, research and development institutions and other persons, enables to search, find and sort information sources on the basis of their metadata, and, upon the right of use, to view or download digitised information sources.

2. The portal is owned and managed by the Estonian Libraries Network Consortium (ELNET Consortium).

3. Information source consists of items, archival units, museum objects and other information resources and their metadata (hereinafter information source).

4. Holder of information is the owner or holder of information sources or dataset of information sources, who has final decision-making powers to grant access to the information sources or the related data, and who has joined or wishes to join the portal (hereinafter holder of information).

5. The official name of the portal is „E-varamu portaal“, the English-language name is „E-varamu Portal“ and Russian-language name is „E-varamu портал“.

6. The website of the portal is Use of the portal is free and the data provided by the portal are public.

7. The visual identity of the portal is defined by its logo, wordmark, brand colours and typography (see Annex). The visual identity of the portal is a trade mark which is protected in accordance with the procedure established in legislation.

II Structure of and services provided by portal, protection of data

8. The information system of the portal consists of the following parts:

8.1. administration of users and holders of information;
8.2. data acquisition and indexing of information sources;
8.3. management of metadata;
8.4. management of network services;
8.5. output for making accessible the information sources possessed by the holders of information and the related data.

9. No less than the following services shall be provided by or via the portal:

9.1. data acquisition and indexing of metadata of information sources;
9.2. search and sorting of information sources;
9.3. viewing of information sources;
9.4. downloading of information sources;
9.5. additional services for authenticated users.
10. The portal is the aggregator of data and services for the European Digital Library (Europeana).

11. Organisational, physical and technical measures are taken to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the data in the portal.

12. The manager of the portal has the right to unilaterally restrict or suspend the permission for any user and holder of information to access the portal in case of real or potential threat to the security of the portal.

13. When processing the data in the portal, the security sub-class K2T2S2 of the three-level baseline system and medium security level M are applied.

14. The data of users stored in the information system of the portal shall not be made available to third persons in a personified manner.

III Rights and obligations of manager of portal

15. Manager of the portal shall have the right to:

15.1. delete the account of authenticated user if the user does not comply with the conditions of use of the portal;
15.2. delete the account of holder of information or a service or data added by them if they do not comply with the requirements prescribed by the portal or by legislation, or if the service provided is outdated;
15.3. restrict access to the portal or part of it for users and holders of information where allowing access is contrary to the usage conditions of the portal or to legislation, including the right of the manager of the portal to remove information from the portal or suspend the corresponding service;
15.4. provide in the portal additional functionality and services that support access to information sources;
15.5. store in the log and session data set the data and user activities entered in the technical environment of the portal.

16. Manager of the portal is obliged to:

16.1. ensure the seamless and smooth operation of the portal;
16.2. maintain and develop the portal and its information system;
16.3. fulfil tasks necessary for operating the information system of the portal and for ensuring the security measures, including the administration of authenticated users and holders of information, processing of applications submitted for joining the portal and checking the performance of services;
16.4. lay down conditions for joining and handling the portal for holders of information, and usage conditions to be complied with by the users;
16.5. instruct holders of information in making the information sources and services accessible via the portal and provide user support.

IV Rights and obligations of holder of information

17. Holder of information shall have the right to:

17.1. make accessible their data sources or metadata via the portal;
17.2. use the services of the portal subject to the accession agreement;
17.3. receive statistics on the usage of data sources of the portal;
17.4. engage in the development of the information system of the portal, including the right to submit proposals about the functionality, development requirements, organisation and work arrangement related to the portal.

18. Holder of information shall be obliged to:

18.1. assign a responsible person who would be the contact in communicating with the manager of the portal, and responsible for aggregation of data and services and for assessing their compliance with requirements;
18.2. fulfil conditions and rules for joining and handling the portal;
18.3. create metadata to describe their information sources and services, and keep them updated while made accessible in the portal;
18.4. ensure the updating and performance according to security measures of services referred to in clauses 9.3. and 9.4. when making them accessible to the public;
18.5. suspend a service which is no longer up-to-date or upon other circumstances causing the service to be unreasonable;
18.6. notify the manager of the portal of any planned or extraordinary interruption and changes occurring in providing their service;
18.7. notify users of the suspension of a service at least 30 days in advance via the portal.

19. More detailed organisation of interface with the portal and making available information sources via the portal shall be specified in the accession agreement concluded between the holder of information and manager of the portal.

20. The holder of information shall be responsible for the service available via the portal, the updating of metadata, and the authenticity and compliance with legislation of data available via the service.

V Usage of portal

21. Publicly available services of the portal are freely accessible for all, except in cases where the holder of information is entitled to designate otherwise.

22. Access to the portal and the services provided by it shall be ensured by the manager of the portal, access to services mediated via the portal shall be ensured by the holder of information.

23. User of the portal shall be any person who uses the services provided and information made available in the portal according to their needs and in compliance with the rights allowed in the portal.

24. Users of the portal are:

24.1. visitor or unauthenticated user;
24.2. user or authenticated user.

25. User of the portal may be authenticated:

25.1. in the portal;
25.2. in an external information system;
25.3. in a different information system for rights administration.

26. User of the portal may apply for the rights of authenticated user if this is provided for by the corresponding holder of information or usage conditions of the portal. In addition to publicly available services, authenticated user can use additional services and functionality offered by the portal.

27. User of the portal submits, via the portal, an application to the manager of the portal for the rights of an authenticated user. The user will become an authenticated user if they agree to comply with the usage conditions prescribed by the manager of the portal.

VI Financing, supervision and liquidation of portal

28. The maintenance and development of the portal shall be financed from the budget of the manager of the portal.

29. Supervision over the management of the portal shall be executed in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Public Information Act.

30. The portal shall be liquidated with the decision of the manager of the portal who makes a decision, in agreement with the corresponding holder of information, on returning to the holder of information of the data processed in the information system of the portal, or the deletion of such data.