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Having logged in to My ESTER, you can rate items in the catalogue. To add a rating, find the required items in the online catalogue, open the tab Additional information and give your rate. The name of the grader is not displayed to other users.

You can rate (grades 1 to 5) by clicking on the appropriate star by the title.

***** Excellent. Highly recommended.
****_ Very good. Exceeds expectations
***__ Good. Met expectations but did not exceed them.
**___ Fairly low. Recommend only with reservations.e
*____ Extremely low opinion of this item. Would not recommend.
_____ Never been rated. No recommendation available.

By clicking on the link Ratings you can open the list of all titles you have rated.
The online catalogue displays your Ratings as yellow stars. Blue stars indicate the group rating and white stars denote items not yet rated.

- My rating
Sinine - Group rating
- Needs to be rated