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Logging in and Password

To log in to My ESTER:

  • choose the library
  • Select the most convenient authentication method (options may vary between libraries
  • Log in
    • by entering your username and password
      NB! Username differs between libraries. It may be the personal ID-code and/or number of the library card (or of its barcode), or the username you selected during registration.
      We advise you to modify the password when you first enter My ESTER.

    • by using your ID-card/digi-ID, Mobile-ID or SmartID
      NB! For logging in you need to know the PIN 1 of the ID-card/Mobile-ID.

    • via the TAAT service
      TAAT stands for Estonian Academic Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure. It enables electronic identities (user accounts) issued by education or research institutions to be used to access several web based services.

To protect your data, always click Log out when you leave My ESTER.

MODIFY Your Password

We advise to modify your password periodically to ensure the safety of information. For doing that, click on Modify Your Password and enter in the opening window:

  • your valid password
  • your new password twice
  • click SUBMIT

The password must be at least eight characters long, including both letters and numbers. Avoid diacritical marks.

RESET Password

If you have forgotten your password, click on the link My ESTER, choose the library and use the link Forgot your password?. After entering your username you will receive an e-mail at the address indicated in your patron record. The link given in this e-mail can be activated within 3 hours for setting a new password.

If your user account doesn't include the e-mail address, please contact your library for resetting your password (See more).