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My ESTER enables to save records in lists. Each list must be given a name, you can also add a list description.

Adding records to lists:

  • click on Search the catalogue, mark the record(s) and click on Save to List
  • log in to my ESTER, choose the library, enter username and password. (If you have already logged in to My ESTER you will not be asked this information.)
  • select from the list [--Select a list--] an existing list or --Create a new list--
  • to save record(s) in an existing list, choose the list and click on Submit
  • a notice # record(s) saved to "" for later is displayed
  • to create a new list, click on Create new list
  • give the list a name, also a description if desired, click on Submit
  • a notice # record(s) saved to "" for later is displayed

Viewing lists and records:

  • click on Lists
  • by clicking on the corresponding column header, you can sort the lists by name
  • by clicking on the title of the list, the system displays all book cart records.

Opening the list enables you to:

  • sort the records by title and author by clicking on the relevant column header
  • delete records in the list by clicking on Delete all titles or Delete marked titles
  • remove from the list titles which appear in My Reading History by clicking on Remove Titles Already in My Reading History
  • change the name and/or description of the list by clicking on Change Name
  • move records from one list to another by clicking on Move Marked
  • export records by clicking on Export My Lists.

Exporting records
See Export Saved List