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Articles have been grouped by type in order to facilitate search.

Search can be specified by article type only when searching from newspapers, journals and collections. Article types are not used upon books or theses/dissertations.

article incl. statements, forewords, editorials, commentaries, advices, petitions, travelogues
critical review incl. introductions
document incl. development plans, reports, declarations, regulations, guidelines, programmes, statutes, action plans, legal acts, curricula
biography incl. memoirs
presentation incl. sermons, speeches
interview incl. polls, conversations
drawing incl. diagrams, graphs, tables
poetry incl. ballads, fragments of texts, poems
list incl. bibliographies, ranking lists, price lists, chronologies, lists, registers
play incl. libretti, scripts
picture incl. photos, maps
prose incl. aphorisms, feuilletons, humorous sketches, fragments of texts, dialect texts, novels
folklore incl. anecdotes, literary fairy tales, parables

article types